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Climate Justice

J.P. Morgan: Climate Killer NO.1

Cancel the debt of the global south!

Be climate smart.

No more Fairytales!

No to EU´s Greenwashing!

Our protest action against the new EU taxonomy

Best Climate Killer Award 2021

German Bundesbank is the happy winner!

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Debt cancelation for germany?!
Debt cancelation for germany?!

Be climate smart - Cancel the debt, Mr Nagel! 70 years ago debt cancellation for Germany made the so-called economic “miracle“ possible. Today, we need a debt cancellation for the Global South to enable a climate miracle with advantages for everyone. Here is...

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No More Fairytales – Our Message To Cop27
No More Fairytales – Our Message To Cop27

With our help, the famous Neuschwanstein Castle is delivering a message to the #COP27: „No More Fairytales – #ClimateJustice Now!“ You want to know who is the Sleeping Beauty we want to wake from their slumber? The first climate...

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Climate Justice – What’s that?


Those who are suffering most from the climate crisis are those who have contributed to it the least, both in the past and the present.
It is therefore not enough to reduce greenhouse gases – we must also combat the social, economic, and political causes of the climate crisis.

The Collective…


We are a Frankfurt activist group and fight for climate justice.
With our actions we show how much the financial industry is jointly responsible for the climate crisis. We build up public pressure and look for solutions.
As a part of the climate justice movement, alliance work is important to us, because only together are we strong.


Get involved!

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You want to work for climate justice? You’re from the Frankfurt area and you want to get involved with the Kollektiv?

Then use the contact sheet to write us a message and join us in one of our meetings (currently online for the most part)

And of course you can talk to us directly at one of our actions!


You really like what we’re doing, but it’s not possible for you to participate in person?

No problem – we are happy about any and all donations! Every banner, every stage prop and our digital infrastructure – loads of things we need for our activism (unfortunately) cost money. So, for us to be able to continue the work, we need financial support. And in the best case scenario, on a regular basis.

Donations to us via the “Verein zur Förderung von Klimagerechtigkeit e.V.”.

reason for payment: KoalaKollektiv
IBAN: DE16 4306 0967 1234 5399 00

Donation receipt on request to


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