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ECB: The climate crisis won´t wait!

Our action on Feb, 16th

Open letter to the ECB


20 NGOs and numerous individuals support an appeal to the ECB by the KoalaKollektiv.

Climate Killer ECB?!

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Climate Justice – What’s that?


Those who are suffering most from the climate crisis are those who have contributed to it the least, both in the past and the present.
It is therefore not enough to reduce greenhouse gases – we must also combat the social, economic, and political causes of the climate crisis.

News from the Collective

Bundesbank, don’t stand against climate action!
Bundesbank, don’t stand against climate action!

Even if Jens Weidmann, President of the German Bundesbank (the German National Bank), had a magic wand - by his own admission, he wouldn't use it to fight the climate crisis. Weidmann is also a member of the Governing Council of the ECB. Currently, the ECB...

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ECB: The climate crisis will not wait!
ECB: The climate crisis will not wait!

In front of the European Central Bank today, we called attention to the financing of climate polluters, like Shell and Total, through the ECB's bond purchases. "Representatives" of these fossil fuel companies melted an iceberg. Thus, they symbolically fueled...

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Open letter to the ECB – 20 NGOs demand action
Open letter to the ECB – 20 NGOs demand action

In an open letter, the KoalaKollektiv demands a clear change of course from the ECB regarding the climate crisis in order to comply with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. 20 NGOs as well as numerous prominent individuals support this appeal. Download...

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The Collective…


We are a Frankfurt activist group and fight for climate justice.
With our actions we show how much the financial industry is jointly responsible for the climate crisis. We build up public pressure and look for solutions.
As a part of the climate justice movement, alliance work is important to us, because only together are we strong.


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You really like what we’re doing, but it’s not possible for you to participate in person?

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