15. January 2022

No to EU´s Greenwashing!

Throughout Europe, environmental associations and climate justice activists are opposing a new initiative of the EU Commission: In the new EU taxonomy, which is to define which investments are sustainable, dangerous nuclear energy and natural gas are to be given an eco-label and thus should be considered sustainable!

Instead of dealing with the long-term problem of nuclear waste storage and the climate damage caused by CO2-intensive natural gas, the European Commission wants to give it all a green look and put both technologies on par with renewable energies. The KoalaKollektiv rejects this political move and makes this abundantly clear in a new protest action together with many other NGOs like .ausgestrahlt.

In this form, the EU taxonomy is nothing but greenwashing of the worst kind!

“Once again, nuclear and fossil fuel lobbyists are being indulged. Labeling climate-damaging natural gas and dangerous nuclear energy as ‘sustainable’ is a slap in the face of younger generations who have to live with the unpredictable consequences of the climate crisis and radioactive radiation. The EU Commission is thus placing short-term economic and political interests above the protection of our livelihoods. Because the new taxonomy has a clear goal: in addition to financial resources from private investors, the billions of the EU Corona reconstruction package for fossil and nuclear plants are also to be tapped.”

Hannah Fischer, activist KoalaKollektiv

With the new proposal, the EU is gambling away the credibility of their international climate policy and, in addition to the energy transition, is also jeopardizing the socio-ecological transformation of the European economy. A natural gas expansion and a green label for nuclear power would undo the decades-long struggle of anti-nuclear movements and the achievement of climate goals. We demand that we no longer give in to lobbying for nuclear and fossil fuels! The German government must oppose this greenwashing decisively and make its voice heard in the EU!

This means : A clear “NO!” in the Council of Ministers against the proposal of the EU Commission on the taxonomy and the support of the planned lawsuit of Austria and Luxembourg.

Against Greenwashing. For Climate Justice! 

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