Who we are

The Collective…


We are a Frankfurt group of activists that formed in January 2020. We fight for climate justice – that means against the aggravation of the climate crisis and for social-ecological change that makes a good life possible around the world. Today and in the future.

Climate justice affects almost all areas of society and our topics are correspondingly diverse. However, as our group is based in Frankfurt, the city of banking and the stock exchange, we are currently focused on the financial industry. Due to its billion-euro investments, this industry has tremendous leverage. It can promote change or cement the status quo. It can finance green start-ups or continue to add fuel to the flames of the climate crisis by lending to corporations such as RWE, Shell, and others that threaten our future. We are raising public pressure on investors to expedite the necessary social transformation towards a climate-friendly society. One current action, for example, is directed against J.P. Morgan, the Climate Killer No. 1 among banks. The cause of the action, including a petition, is the J.P. Morgan run in Frankfurt in 2023..

Our vision of society includes tolerance and social justice. We stand against all forms of fascism, racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, and any other forms of discrimination.

As part of the climate justice movement, it is important for us to work with allies. Only together are we strong.

…and the Koala.

What does the koala have to do with a Frankfurt climate justice group?

At first glance, not very much. There are not even any koalas in the Frankfurt zoo, and Australia is far away. So why has it become our symbol nonetheless?

When we first came together in the winter of 2019/2020, the devastating wildfires in the koala’s home country were an alarming indication of the climate crisis. Its causes can also be found right on our doorstep here in Frankfurt!

The way we live in the Global North has massive effects on life around the world. Things are heating up for all of us, not just for our koala. Climate justice must be thought globally – everything is interconnected.

Our koala has suffered under the impacts of the climate crisis but is determined to rise up against these conditions!