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Making the city edible. KlimaKneipe with the „GemüseheldInnen“

Club Voltaire Kleine Hochstraße, Frankfurt am Main

MAKE FRANKFURT EDIBLE! Klimakneipe with the GemüseheldInnen on 31.1.2022 There are numerous levers in the fight against the climate crisis. But where to start? With food! That's the opinion of the GemüseheldInnen (vegetable heroes) in Frankfurt. After all, our diet makes up a large part of our ecological footprint. "To begin with, conventional agriculture produces […]

Central Bank Capitalism. KlimaKneipe with Prof. Joscha Wullweber

Club Voltaire Kleine Hochstraße, Frankfurt am Main

Since the global financial crisis of 2007-2009, the monetary policy of central banks has changed fundamentally. Low interest rates were introduced worldwide and financial markets flooded with money. At the same time, the importance of the shadow banking system increased. These institutions can lend money but are outside the constraints of government banking regulation. The […]

Ecology of War. KlimaKneipe with Arne Vogelgesang

Ecology of War - Right wing Involvement of the Climate Justice Movement between Destruction and Occupation. This presentation outlines extreme right-wing actions and campaigns directed against the currently existing climate justice and ecology movement In the first part of the evening, our speaker Arne Vogelgesang reviews some selected attacks of the last years and tries […]