12. January 2021

Happy 1st Birthday, KoalaKollektiv!

The KoalaKollektiv celebrated its first birthday in January!

We celebrated with virtual toasts and congratulations, we reminisced, laughed – and we made another KoalaKollektiv video.

We are proud of everything we have been able to accomplish in this first year, thanks to our strong community, the diverse skills in the collective and numerous external supporters. We are always trying to evolve, and we are looking forward to many more Koala actions!

The future of KoalaKollektiv

As much as we have grown to love our Koala and the collective, our greatest birthday wish is that the KoalaKollektiv will quickly become obsolete. Because that would mean that the world has achieved climate justice. That good life is possible – for everyone, always, everywhere.

Until then, we would like to say to all backward-looking decision-makers, all future-destroying companies and all profit-hungry investors:

We are here to stay!