12. April 2020

Virtual Easter March

Every year, Easter is also a day to take to the streets and demonstrate against war and for peace. Due to the risk of infection and the restrictions, this year the Easter marches had to be moved from the street to the living room. Of course, this did not stop us from having a good time together and we are all the more happy to run outside (with masks?) again next year.

Together with the Frankfurter Climate Protection Action Alliance (Fridays for Future Frankfurt, Greenpeace, VCD Rhein-Main, klimattac, XR Frankfurt) we share Thomas Gsella’s poem “The Corona Teaching”

The Corona Teaching by Thomas Gsella

Quarantine houses sprout,
doctors, beds everywhere
Researchers do research, funds flow-
Policy in supersonic
So she made it clear:
If it wants to, the world can

So she doesn’t want to end
The dying in the wars
Perishing on the beaches
And that children lying screaming
In the tents, trembling, wet
So she does. All this.