21. September 2020

The Green Lung Stays! – #LocalClimateJustice

The fight for #LocalClimateJustice: In times of climate crisis and extinction of species, the city of Frankfurt wants to sacrifice its Green Lung (GL). Why is that your business? Because a lot of things that are going wrong at the moment are illustrative of the predicament we are in.

GL is a 16 hectare biodiverse urban nature site with allotment gardens. Various associations, climate and environmental groups meet there. The “vegetable heroes” also cultivate permaculture there. The GL serves as a meeting place for different generations and cultures.


The Senckenberg Institute found several endangered plant species (such as the broad leaved helleborine) and bird species (such as the garden redstart), as well as rare bat species.

The Green Lung is also a cold air corridor for Frankfurt city center. As part of the important “northeast spoke” it supplies the city with cool fresh air.


This is particularly significant as Frankfurt is one of the 10 hottest places in Germany. In 2018 Frankfurt was the warmest city in the Germany.

Vielleicht ist 2020 in d. Rückschau auch d. kühlste Jahr der nächsten 100 Jahre gewesen?

After all, as the climate crisis deepens, temperatures will continue to rise in the future. A joint report by the German Weather Service and the Environmental Agency states that building densification could cause overheating by up to 50%.


But instead of taking these concerns seriously, GL is sold. The main investor is Instone Real Estate, whose business model suggests that luxury apartments will be built here, furthering the gentrification of the city.

Exemplarisch hier die Preise eines anderen Instone-Projektes unweit der Grünen Lunge

The sale of GL is therefore a catastrophic mistake from a biological, climatic, urban planning and social point of view!

The green lung must be preserved!