7. November 2022

No More Fairytales – Our Message To Cop27

With our help, the famous Neuschwanstein Castle is delivering a message to the #COP27: „No More Fairytales – #ClimateJustice Now!“

You want to know who is the Sleeping Beauty we want to wake from their slumber?

The first climate conference took place in 1979. Since then, we have heard pretty promises no less than 26 times. These have turned out to be fairy tales: Greenhouse emissions have multiplied since then and we are crossing numerous other planetary boundaries. It’s definitely about time for action!

This is also about social and global justice: because the people who have contributed least to the climate crisis suffer the most. We call on the governments of the Global North to pay their climate debts to the Global South!

The Global South is historically responsible for only 8% of the climate crisis, but bears the vast majority of the costs and fatalities. But instead of developing sustainable solutions together with the most affected people, indebted countries like Mozambique or Argentina are forced by institutions like the International Monetary Fund or the World Bank to use fossil energies in order to be able to pay.

Esteban Servat von Debt for Climate: “World government officials are gathering again on the backs of their people and the planet for yet another farce at COP27, continuing decades of hypocrisy. While the science is overwhelming and the IPCC has finally recognized colonialism as being at the core of the climate crisis, the summit will largely continue to ignore the elephant in the room and make no significant changes that could really threaten the status quo of the colonial interest behind them and fossil capital by which they are largely coopted.
That is why the real change must come from the grassroots and the bottom-up, and we must urgently build real power by bringing together workers, indigenous and climate movements in an unprecented way that will force policymakers to take real action.
The debt of the countries of the Global South must be cancelled so that we can finance equitable change.”

Why #Neuschwanstein as a backdrop for our demand for a climate-just world? The castle stands for Germany, for the Global North, for power and for delusional daydreams at the expense of the population.

Neuschwanstein Castle is also a symbol of decadence and overconsumption. 100 multinational corporations are responsible for more than 70% of global industrial emissions. The blood of the victims of floods and droughts clings to their profits.

It is all the more bizarre that their lobbyists are among the largest delegations at #COP27.

But we will not be told any more fairy tales!
We call on the decision-makers of #COP27 to stop the destruction of our livelihoods.

After all, if we want to have even a fifty-fifty chance of staying below the 1.5-degree mark, nearly 90 percent of the world’s coal reserves and nearly 60 percent of its oil and natural gas would have to stay in the ground.

Continuing the way we are means ever harder disasters for billions of people around the world: https://interaktiv.morgenpost.de/klimawandel-hitze-meeresspiegel-wassermangel-stuerme-unbewohnbar/

The necessary changes must be profound and will be uncomfortable for some of us. But a socio-ecological transformation offers at the same time the chance for more justice and more quality of life!

You want to know more about “Debt for Climate”? Join our KlimaKneipe on November, 28th!