1. February 2022

Club Voltaire needs our support!

In this now not-quite-so-new year of 2022, the legendary Club Voltaire celebrates its 60th anniversary.

With the motto: “Whoever wants the world to remain as it is, does not want it to remain” (Erich Fried), since 1962 it has been one of the few remaining places for the alternative public, offering a platform for information and enlightenment as a prerequisite for emancipation and change.
In this way, the club in Kleine Hochstraße, as a registered non-profit organization, contributes significantly to human rights, social justice, peace and climate protection in our city, both culturally and socially.

We, the KoalaKollektiv, are allowed to host our KlimaKneipe there every last Monday of each month. We are very grateful for that – but that is not the only reason we feel so closely connected to the Club.
The pandemic of the last 2 years has hit Voltaire so hard financially that its continued existence is acutely threatened. And another pandemic year is looming with an uncertain outcome.

It goes without saying that we must not allow this legendary institution in Frankfurt to miss its anniversary.
With this appeal for donations, we therefore ask you to contribute financially to make its continuation possible.

Whether 5 or 50 euros – every contribution counts and there is strength in numbers.

We have initiated a donation campaign at betterplace.org. Using this link you can make your donation until 28.2.2022: https://www.betterplace.org/de/projects/105480

Alternatively, it is also possible to transfer money directly to the Club’s bank account:

Verein Club Voltaire e.V.
Intended use: Spende 2022
IBAN: DE08 4306 0967 8023 8560 00

We thank all donors and wish you a much less crisis-ridden New Year!