26. July 2021

13.08. / Climate strike in Frankfurt

Pulling the financial plug on the climate crisis. Heatwaves around the world and the climate flood in Germany show that we must act now. In particular, the most important rule maker of the European financial system, the European Central Bank, must take urgent action.

The ECB must now follow its words with deeds! We cannot spend more years discussing and analyzing, the climate crisis demands answers today! And the ECB has the power and the means to make a big difference. What needs to happen? We have summarized it here: https://koalakollektiv.de/ecb/

Therefore, we meet on August 13 at 2 pm in front of the ECB to voice our protest.

For more info visit https://streikmituns.de #streikmituns #ecbfossilfree #ourfutureisnotforsale